The MAC – Migration Advisory Committee is back!

The MAC is back!

Every person, who is even vaguely aware of the UK immigration, has heard of the infamous Migration Advisory Committee abbreviated simply as the “MAC”.

Although, the MAC is an independent public body that advised the government on migration issues, its recommendations are generally accepted by the Home Office.

ILR is an important step towards integrating into British society and enjoying the rights and privileges that come with permanent residency. It offers individuals the freedom to live, work, and study in the UK without any time limitations. However, it’s essential to maintain the ILR status by ensuring compliance with the immigration rules, as any prolonged absence from the UK or engagement in criminal activities can jeopardize the ILR status.

UK Immigration Recommendations: Salary Thresholds and Skills Levy in Focus

The MAC has provided its report, which is almost 300 pages long, to the government last month, but it was only released to the general public on 19th January 2016. The report covers various issues, but I outline the headline recommendations below:

Most noticeably, the MAC has recommended that the minimum salary threshold should be increased to £30,000 to reduce the number of Tier 2 migrants. Just compare that figure with the current UK national minimum wage of £13,124 to appreciate how restrictive that measure would be for the foreign migrants and businesses looking to hire such workers. At least, at the moment the recommendation is for a phased implementation.

In the UK, a spouse visa, also referred to as a partner visa, is a specific type of visa designed to enable individuals to reunite with their spouse or partner who is either a British citizen or a settled person in the UK. This particular visa category is categorized under the Family route within the UK immigration system.

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