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The liver is a crucial organ that aids in maintaining good health. It is responsible for producing bile and filtering toxins. However, sometimes, the liver is not able to function naturally. This condition may happen because of metabolic disorders or alcohol abuse, but it can also have other reasons. These people need liver transplant surgery. The surgery should be done in a reliable hospital by professional doctors. In this article, we want to introduce you to the conditions and safety of liver transplant surgery in Iran.

Why is a liver transplant done?

The liver is an essential organ for removing toxins from our body and processing nutrients and hormones. So, if this vital organ can’t function, doctors need to perform liver transplant surgery. Liver donors should also have specific factors.

For example, the donor shouldn’t have diseases like hepatitis, HIV, cancer, heart disease, and kidney disease. Also, the donor and recipient should have compatible blood types. To understand the blood type, doctors take a test on your blood. O is one of the blood types that is only compatible with other O blood types. However, AB is compatible with all other blood types.

Does a liver transplant have any side effects?

Yes, all surgeries have some side effects. After the surgery, the person may experience bleeding, blood clots, and infection. Also, the body may reject the liver. To minimize these side effects, you should choose professional doctors to help you through this surgery. Many people from all over the world decide to have liver transplants in Iran. 

Where is the best country for liver transplants?

Liver transplant surgery in Iran is done with the best response. Some well-known hospitals, such as Ordibehesht, Mortaz, Shahid Sadooghi, and Kish hospitals, provide the best services for the patients. Some essential points are checked before liver transplant surgery in Iran. First, the Supreme Council of Health and Medical Education should approve verifying the hospital’s safety. Moreover, the hospital should have a license to do liver transplant surgery. So, you can be sure that all these surgeries are done in the best hospital with all licenses required for your safety.

Who can help you to find the best hospital for liver transplant surgery in Iran?

DocTour is a platform that helps people choose the best treatment services in Iran. This team can help you find the best doctors and have the surgery with the minimum side effects before and during the liver transplant in Iran. You can choose DocTour for all conditions because it has the most professional doctors in ophthalmology, dentistry, gastroenterology, neurology, oncology, andrology, cardiology, and so on.

The priority of this team is your safety, so you can trust them to have a liver transplant in Iran with the best services and satisfying results. 

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