The Beauty of Calligraphy

The word calligraphy is an ancient Greek term that means beautiful handwriting or elegant penmanship. The practice emphasizes letterforms and the writing process itself. The Greeks first coined the term, which was then passed down to the Romans. The Romans took the practice and developed it to an accessible art form, which they later adopted by the wider Roman population. The ancient Greek style of calligraphy can be traced back to the sixth century B.C.

Chinese calligraphy, which uses characters and symbols instead of letters, originated in China. Western calligraphy is based on the Latin text and has evolved to include more-advanced forms of writing. Oriental calligraphy, which is mostly found in East Asia, features a more meditative aspect and requires more movement. Islamic calligraphy is particularly popular and often refers to spirituality. Calligraphy has been used for centuries in Europe and has a long history in Asia.know more here Soap2Day

Modern calligraphy has become a popular style because it introduces letters that aren’t intended for reading. Older manuscripts had to be readable to some audiences, and modern calligraphy has opened the door to a new world of artistic expression. The discipline has inspired many modern visual artists, including Hongyu Zhang and Patrick Hartl. In addition to being an art form, calligraphy is a practical skill. And since humans have a natural desire for beauty, it is important to understand what it means to be beautiful.enjoy more entertain here 8xmovie 9xmovie

A common misconception about calligraphy is that it is simply decorated text or the use of letters as ornaments. While some calligraphers do use ornaments to make their letters look better, these decorations do little to distinguish the art form from a work of mass production. The beauty of calligraphy lies in the underlying FORM. A beautiful calligraphy piece can communicate a deeper meaning and evoke a reaction. It is therefore a popular style of art. Themoviesflix has a huge collection of latest movies,so download here.More Movies Download from here 9xflix

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