Sodium Formate

In a study, 16 volunteers were given an oral dose of sodium formate, which was equivalent to 1, 2, or 3 g of formic acid. The subjects then drank a solution containing 0.4% formic acid. The resulting urine samples were then analyzed to determine how much forage was excreted. After 24 hours, the urine concentration of formate reached 3.81% of the total dose. The gastrointestinal absorption of sodium formate is very rapid. In humans, it was absorbed quickly, reaching its peak levels within ten to thirty minutes.see more from Ozuna

The developmental effects of sodium formate have been well documented. It has been shown to reduce the incidence of neural tube defects in genetic models. Its presence in fetal lambs suggests that it has an important role in fetal development. It may also play a role in interorgan distribution of one-carbon groups. Further studies need to be conducted to determine the exact role of folate in human embryo development. However, the safety of this chemical must be weighed against its potential harmful effects.learn more from here 7Starhd 300mb

Sodium formate is used as a solid-free completion fluid to prevent formation damage and swell of reservoir days. Potassium formate brines are highly lubricious and are often used to prevent formation damage and hole stability problems. These lines are also highly effective hydrate inhibitors and can dissolve barium sulfate. Further, sodium formate brines are also used in dyeing processes. More Movies Download from here Tamilprint

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