How to Play Zombies!!! (Board Game)


Zombies!!!, a thrilling board game designed by Todd Breitenstein, has captured the attention and imagination of players worldwide. Set in a post-apocalyptic town plagued by zombies, players find themselves in a thrilling race to the helicopter pad for their escape, all the while battling swarms of the undead. For those new to the game, this article provides a step-by-step guide on how to play zombies!!! board game.

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Game Components

Each Zombies!!! game typically includes:

– 30 map tiles

– 50 event cards

– 6 human figures

– Heart, bullet, and zombie tokens

– A set of dice (one 6-sided die and one 12-sided die)


The primary objective for each player is to either:

  1. Be the first to reach the helipad tile with a minimum of 25 kills,


  1. Kill a total of 25 zombies before any other players


  1. Shuffle the map tiles and event cards separately.
  2. Place Town Square tile in the center of your playing area.
  3. Distribute one human figure (playing piece) to every player.
  4. Place each human figure in the center zone of the Town Square tile.
  5. Distribute three bullets and three heart tokens to each player.
  6. Place zombie tokens on your Town Square tile as indicated on the tile itself.
  7. Draw an event card for each player and keep it secret.


  1. Begin by drawing a map tile from the stack and placing it adjacent to any existing tiles, following connection rules like street-to-street or building-to-building connections.
  2. Add zombie tokens on newly placed tile using its printed guidelines.
  3. Roll a six-sided die for movement; move your character that many spaces while avoiding or combatting zombies along your route.

Combat Mechanics

  1. When confronting a zombie, roll a 12-sided die for the human and 6-sided die for the zombie. Move to the corresponding zone based on the outcome:

– If human rolls higher/equal to 4, zombie is killed, and the player gains a kill.

– If human rolls below 4, lose one heart token.

  1. Players can continue fighting if they lose by spending a bullet token to add one to their roll or fleeing by sacrificing a movement point.
  2. If a player loses all heart tokens or gets surrounded, they return to Town Square and spend their next move regaining half of their heart tokens.

Event Cards

  1. Play event cards during any player’s turn unless specified otherwise.
  2. These cards can provide advantages such as extra moves or weapons or create difficulties for other players like spawning more zombies or blocking pathways.

Winning the Game

  1. The game ends either when:

– A player reaches the helipad tile with at least 25 kills


– A player obtains 25 kills before any other players.

  1. The first to achieve either objective wins Zombies!!!


Zombies!!! is an exciting game that allows players to strategize and adapt while working against both their friends and the relentless horde of undead adversaries. Now that you know how to play Zombies!!! board game, you’re ready to jump into this post-apocalyptic world, navigate through dangerous streets and buildings, and fight your way to survival

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