Eight Incredible Ways to Speed Up Your PC

Everyone wants a good PC that can execute more instructions every second. But unfortunately, all computers experience slow speeds at some point due to many reasons. A slow computer can be frustrating because no one has time to waste in this fast-paced.

If you are looking for ways to make your computer run faster, then you are at the right place. We have curated a list of eight tips you can use to improve the speed of your computer. So, do try the following tips.

Restart Your Computer

As simple as it sounds, it can be a good fix! If you continuously use a PC, it might overheat and end up bogging down. Shutting it off helps close down all the extra programs running in the background. Let the system cool down for a few minutes before you start working.

Check Your Web Browsers

You should check whether you have installed an updated web browser or not. Sometimes using an outdated browser slows down your system. So, ensure you use the latest version to speed up your browser.

However, the browser version might be the only thing bogging down the overall speed of your computer. When you visit a website, it stores all your information in the form of cookies. The cookie stores files and your browser runs slowly if these files accumulate.

Remove Viruses

Every computer is vulnerable to viruses and malware, which slows down its speed. If you regularly use a computer, you should install an antivirus program that detects and delete viruses immediately. These viruses not only affect the speed of your system but also puts your cyber security at stake. Most ISPs offer customers antivirus solutions to enhance the system’s security. HughesNet offers premium antivirus Norton 360 to ensure your system remains free from viruses. It is powerful antivirus software that blocks viruses from multiplying and immediately deletes them. You can visit HughesNet’s website for more information regarding its security services and internet packages.

Clean Up Your Disk

Your computer might be loaded with several applications that eat up your system resources. They are not only lingering on your desktop but also open up automatically when the system starts. Therefore, it is important to delete the applications and files that you do not use. But, even if you have deleted the files, they get stored in recycle bin and consume a lot of space. So, make sure you empty recycle bin and restart your pc to improve its speed.

Disable Game Mode

You must know about this mode if you are an avid gamer. This mode helps optimize your PC so you can smoothly play games. It multi-tasks with lots of processes running in the background, but it can slow down your system when you are not playing games. So, remember to turn off this mode so you can give your PC a quick boost.

Add More RAM

Not having enough RAM is one of the major reasons why your computer might be running slowly. The function of RAM is to allow your computer to have several programs at the same time, so if you do not have enough RAM, your system will slow down. But unfortunately, it is possible to add more RAM by taking your PC to a computer technician.

Update Your Drivers

Every device that is connected to your computer requires a driver so it can function smoothly. Simply put, drivers are programs that dictate the system and how it uses the drivers. So, if they are outdated, the actions’ response time will be delayed. Therefore, ensure that all the drivers are up-to-date to avoid facing the issue.

Reinstall Entire Windows

If you are not aware of which application contains viruses or is posing a speed problem, then reinstalling the entire windows can help you speed up your computer. It will remove all the applications and files so you can download the updated ones and the ones you need to use. Moreover, this procedure will also clean all the junk from your system.

All in All…

We understand that a slow computer can cause inconvenience. Whether you have purchased a new computer, or use an old one, you can use the tips mentioned above to improve its speed. Always keep your applications up-to-date and install a quality antivirus solution to avoid dealing with a slow computer. So, use the tips to make minor adjustments so your system runs more efficiently.

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