Features Of HaanGlas VIG 

If you have been looking to buy glass insulation for your home, you may have already found that there are several options to choose from. HaanGlas VIG is one of the most popular and effective types of glass insulation. It is designed to provide thermal insulation as well as noise reduction. The versatility of this product makes it a popular choice for a wide range of applications.

Thermal Insulation

Vacuum insulating glass (VIG) is an energy-efficient glazing solution that has the ability to block thermal transmission. It is safe and durable and can be used in many different applications. With its thin profile, vacuum insulating glass is effective in reducing radiant heat transfer and sound acoustic performance.

HaanGlas VIG solutions can help prevent frost and condensation and provide an effective way to eliminate cold air coming in through edges. These solutions are certified to be safe and have been successfully tested in Belgium and Russia. VACUMAX(tm) VIG units provide thermal insulation values up to 14 times that of monolithic glass. They can be installed in any Vitro Glass configuration.

The HaanGlas VIG solution is SGCC certified. In addition, its insulation material is also certified to meet structural requirements. This makes it a good choice for landmark buildings facades. Since the first practical VIG was manufactured in 1989, other academic and commercial institutions have undertaken major research studies. Other VIG manufacturers are now in the market.

Noise Reduction

Using the newest and most cutting-edge technologies, HaanGlas has produced a number of high high-performance products. A few standouts include the innovative vacuum insulated glass and the patented tempered version. Moreover, HaanGlas is currently in negotiations with several customers in Europe.

The VIG is the name of the game, and is designed for use as window, door, or other glass applications. The product is engineered to resist condensation and keep your fridge in tip-top shape. Likewise, it can be used to minimize compressor cycles while increasing the lifespan of the unit. It also has a thin profile, which means it is easier to install.

In addition, the VIG is a well-suited replacement for triple-glazing glass in passive houses. Not to mention, it has an eye catching visual appeal. Similarly, a properly sized tempered VIG can be a viable alternative to triple-glazing in green buildings. Additionally, it is a smart way to reduce energy bills.

Wide Range Of Applications

If you are looking for a glass that can help you prevent condensation, frost, and cold air from coming into your windows, you should consider HaanGlas VIG. This type of glazing is a great option for your windows, as it has a thermal conductivity that helps eliminate the condensation.

Aside from preventing the cold air from entering your building, HaanGlas VIG also provides a high level of thermal insulation. Because of this, it is suitable for use in both new and existing buildings. HaanGlas tempered vacuum glass has been a leader in vacuum insulating glass for many years. In addition to their extensive expertise in the industry, they have a global network of dealers.

HaanGlas has expanded their production technology over the past few years. They have recently set a goal of 300,000 square meters of VIG output this year. With the expansion of VIG, more and more people have a chance to experience the benefits of this technology. Not only does it reduce carbon emissions, it also offers a longer life for refrigerators. Its thermal performance is unparalleled.

HaanGlass’s Flagship Product

HaanGlass has established itself as the leading-China based manufacturer of vacuum glass. It has been producing high quality, standardized, innovative vacuum glass products with independent intellectual property rights. The company has launched its own line of VIG products. These products are expected to set a new benchmark for the standardized production of innovative vacuum glazing in China.

The company’s flagship product is the 8mm vacuum-insulated glass. This product can be laminated or processed to produce a laminated vacuum glass. A minimum thickness of 6.3mm is required, and a 15-year warranty is offered for this product.

Vitro Architectural Glass, formerly PPG Glass, has recently signed an agreement with HaanGlas to manufacture the VIG units in North America. These units are expected to be available in late Autumn 2021. As part of this agreement, Vitro will install equipment at its North American facilities. In the meantime, Vitro will continue to offer non-tVIG lites in enhanced VIG configurations.

Last Word

So, HaanGlas VIG is a revolutionary vacuum insulating glass, which can be applied on both buildings and refrigerators. It can help save billions of dollars in energy costs. With its superior thermal performance, the product can prevent condensation and reduce compressor cycles.

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