What is Go White? Regulations to Go White in Advancing the South

What is white? and what the rules are in Tien Len Mien Nam are two issues that many bettors are concerned about. Everyone always wants to understand the rules of the game as thoroughly as possible so they can participate effectively. That’s why in New88 article Today, we will answer all your questions from A – Z.

What is to white?

Moving to the South is the genreCard game has become so popular in online betting halls, it is an indispensable subject during Vietnamese holidays. In particular, coming to white is a very special type of winning (coming). The person who comes white is the one who wins immediately after dealing the cards without having to play cards. This case happens when they own a special card such as four of a kind pig or a dragon hall, for example.

What is white? And why is it so special? Going white is one of the fastest ways to win in advancing to the South. At the same time, this white approach helps you kill many opponents at the same time and bring in huge bonuses. If you come blank but other players have special cards in their hands such as 2, four of a kind, double of pine, you will receive more rewards.

Rules to white in Tien Len

Besides learning What is white?Grasping the number one rule in white is also very important. Especially for rookies who do not have much experience, this information will help you bet more effectively.

The case comes blank

When you own the following special cards, you win white:

  • Dragon Straight: The player has 13 cards that increase consecutively from 3 to 2 to form a straight straight
  • Four of a kind 2: Your hand has 4 pigs
  • Four of a kind 3 in the first game: If you just started playing Tien Len Nam but you have 4 3 cards, you will get white.
  • 5 pairs of cards and 6 pairs of cards: If you own 5 pairs of cards or 6 pairs of cards of consecutive value, the player is considered to be white.
  • 13 cards of the same color: If the cards in your hand have only one color, red or black, they are also counted as white

What is white – How to calculate points

Going white is the desire of all Southern Tien Len players. Because in addition to winning money from the remaining players, you will also receive bonuses if those players own a special combination of cards in their hands.

Specifically, any player who rots a red pig will pay double the bet, and a black pig will be equal to the bet. In cases such as three pairs of cards, the penalty will be doubled, 4 pairs of cards or four of a kind will result in a penalty of 3 times the bet of the game.

However, the rules for how much money to win depends on each game hall or the agreement between players. Some locations will stipulate that if you come up empty, you can win 3 or 4 times the initial bet amount.

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Terms bettors need to know from clear to white

In betting, there are many different terms, bettors use terms to exchange for convenience. So that in addition to learning about What is white?Then you should also understand the terms related to white.


This is a term used to refer to the fact that a player has not been able to play any cards since the start but someone has run out of cards in their hand. Anyone who freezes will be fined twice the amount of the bet, then the dealer will check the cards to see if there are any special combinations to punish further. The winner of the bet will be the one who receives money from the person whose cards were stolen.

  • Close 1 house: The remaining two players will continue to play cards to determine the second and third place
  • 2 Houses: The remaining player defaults to second place
  • 3 house bet: All 3 players lose and must pay the only winner


A popular term in Tien Len Nam, chop means the act of using larger cards to win smaller cards such as using 3 pairs of cards to cut two pairs and using four of a kind to cut 3 pairs of cards.

Specifically, the regulation is that 3 pairs of pine trees can cut a pig or cut 3 pairs of pine trees with a smaller value. Four of a kind can cut one 2, two 2, smaller four of a kind and all three teams pass. Four pairs of pines can cut one 2, two 2s, four of a kind, three pairs of pines and includes four pairs of pines. The player who is cut last will pay all the money of the previously cut card.

Rotten 2

Rotten 2, also known as row, refers to the fact that the last person to finish still has 2 in hand. At this time, they will be fined and the person coming in 3rd will receive this amount. In cases where at the end of the game there are still three pairs of cards, four pairs of cards or four of a kind, the same method as rot 2 will be applied.


Above is the answer for What is white? and the white regulations in Tien Len Southern. Hopefully through this article, you can understand more about this attractive card game genre. At the same time, don’t forget to follow New88 for more useful information in the near future!

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