How to Train a Puppy

To train your puppy, use the command phrase you want your pup to respond to with an action. Repeat the command several times, letting go of the pressure when your puppy responds appropriately. Make sure to praise the puppy and give a pat on the head for good behavior. If you want your puppy to respond to your commands automatically, use the command phrase along with secondary reinforcement such as a treat. The puppy will soon learn that receiving a treat is a reward for completing a certain task.More movies download jio rockers telugu

The first thing you have to do is to place the crate in an area where the whole family spends time. Put some treats inside the crate. Open the door and let the puppy wanders inside it. Once the puppy has been comfortable inside the crate, close the door. After an hour or so, you can remove the mat. Eventually, your puppy will make the connection between “toilet” and being outside and will start eliminating on its own.see mor here Jio rockers tamil

You can hand feed a puppy at around seven to nine weeks of age. However, you should not force it. It is better to gradually wean the puppy until it is at least one month of age. This way, the puppy will develop good habits. As with any new pet, it is best to start slow and take your time. A puppy has a limited time to learn new things, so start slow. A puppy’s first experience of a new place should be as pleasant as possible.Plz Visit For Best Weapon

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