When you walk down the aisle all eyes are on you. To walk with the elegance of a queen and the aura of a princess is what a bride is. From head to toe, you have accessorised in perfection. You put careful attention to each element so that nothing breaks your evermore wedding dream. But think about it, the final piece to the entire look is your earrings. Your neckpieces and your bangles will set your wedding dress to perfection. Your head jewellery with your makeup and hairdo will accentuate your face. Earrings are the only thing that will add both of them and transition them into pure magic!  to know more click Ibomma

So when you wonder what is the jewellery piece that will create a ground-breaking statement, it’s the earring! 

Here are certain earring types that will match your entire wedding occasion-

  1. Chaandbali- rings a bell? From that reel famous song? Of course, you do! I’ll say the song is another reason for it to accelerate so fast into the trend. Resembling the crescent-shaped moon it says exactly what it looks like. Chandbali comes in various sizes as per your needs and with a whole load of designs for you to choose from! Here’s an idea- go for a medium-sized handball in Kundan with colour beads hanging from it for your wedding jewellery set. Very classic and dainty!
  2. Jhumkas- bell or bowl, that is what jhumka means. Dangling from your earlobes, making a crackling sound as it sweeps with the wind. It’s very elegant and opulent. It’s the wedding jewellery that goes with everything. Whether you want to opt for a lehenga or saree. Jhumkas are your evermore option.

Jhumkas in polki with the meenakari motif work as a perfect ice-breaker for your wedding.

3. Gold- “old is gold”. When you have seen your mother and grandmother wear classic gold jewellery for their wedding you will always have a desire to recreate a part of it, if not completely. Gold works in Kundan jewellery have risen back again with the recent celebs’ weddings and are contemporary yet traditional. Going with a simple gold bridal necklace set with intrinsic gold studs or gold danglers for your Ganesh puja sets out a whole new set of happy vibes and something to look ahead that is full of promises!Know more here wpit18

4. Diamonds: the never to lose charm diamonds are the classic choice when you want to go for something that is ‘chic’. Diamonds in their very fine and delicate designs yet very much in vogue bridal jewellery have taken a place in every bride’s heart. It’s the perfect choice if you want to go for a very minimal but immaculate wedding, if not, still a good option for your after-wedding follow-up receptions.

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With wedding jewellery adding to one-third of your entire expense it does become tiresome at one point. You might even come down to consider cutting down on a few wedding jewelleries to lower the load on your pocket. 

What if you could simply wear your polki jewellery with pearls without worrying so much about the money? It would be great, wouldn’t it? If your answer is yes, then you have no further to look for.

Simply go for the option to rent jewellery online. It’s pocket-friendly and environmentally friendly.  But when you are looking for bridal jewellery online, you want to make sure of its quality and authenticity.

Well, Rent n Flaunt is one of the most trusted brands to rent the best designer jewellery online. Rent n F Each jewellery piece are of high maintenance and the best quality, no one will be able to suspect that it is ‘something borrowed. They have everything ranging from chokers, maharani haar, mang tika, matha Patti, hathphool etc. you name it, you will find it.  Your one-stop destination to fulfil all your wedding dreams without any hassle!

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