Revealed: How to play phom cards to easily win big from experts

Phom is a popular card game in Vietnam and has become a familiar part of players’ daily lives. However, with the development of technology, playing card games online has become more popular. For new players, understanding how to play online phom can be difficult. So let’s go New88 Follow this article to the end to understand better.
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How to play basic phom cards

Phom online is a game based on a deck of 52 cards. The goal of the game is to get a high score by forming valid phom sets from the cards in your hand. Below are some basic rules and how to play Phom online:

  • Number of players: Online Phom is usually played by 2-4 people.
  • Valid phom cards: To form a valid phom set, you need to have at least 3 cards in your hand of consecutive value and of the same suit. For example, 3, 4, 5 of spades or 6, 7, 8 of diamonds are valid phom suits.
  • Special phom cards: There are some special phom cards such as four of a kind (4 identical cards), tam chrysanthemum (3 spades and 2 hearts), and tam dui (3 pairs).
  • How to calculate points: Score is calculated by the total value of the cards in the phom set. All cards other than the phom suit are not counted.
  • Dealing cards: Each player will be dealt 9 cards initially. The turn then proceeds clockwise, and players can draw a card from the community deck or take a card from someone else if they have a valid phom suit in their hand.
  • End of game: The game ends when a player runs out of cards in their hand or only has one card left.

Phom card game rules for new players

Playing phom is quite simple, but if you are a new player you need to understand the rules and how the cards work to earn big rewards.
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  • During each turn, if you are captured by a card, you will lose that card to the player who captured it. If this card is taken in the final round, you will have to pay 4 times your bet.
  • In case the next person wins both of your cards and busts, you will have to pay money to all players at the table.
  • If the last player captures the previous player’s card, the player who played that card must pay the remaining loser.
  • When a player busts a card during play, the game ends immediately, and the other players must pay the bust.
  • When the game ends without anyone busting, all players will participate in calculating points from junk cards for comparison and whoever has the lowest score will be the winner.
  • The card’s score is calculated equivalent to the value of the card, with A having a score of 1, J having a score of 11, Q having a score of 12, and K having a score of 13. In case of the same score, The person who lowers their cards first wins.
  • The player with the underbite will have to play cards and pay money to the player with the lowest card.

Smart strategies should be applied in playing Phom cards

To improve how to play Phom effectively, new players need to clearly understand the terms and rules of the game. There are several strategies that many people use to achieve better performance, including:

Play cards

There are two basic ways to play card games in Ta Li: straight cards and big cards. In case there is no buzzing, the decision of winning or losing depends on calculating the card comparison score. Therefore, if you still hold big cards like J (Jacks), Q (Queens), and K (Kings), the ability to win will be more difficult. The smart way for experienced players is to play all the big cards first, this is the way to play hooks.

The smart way to play Phom is to play ragtag

This is one of the interesting techniques in the game of phom, which many experts often apply. When using this method, the player must focus on observing and guessing the opponent’s cards, in order to prompt the opponent to play the cards they need. This is an important part of the trick strategy, which experienced players often take advantage of to create smart moves and defeat their opponents.

Play phom break

Playing phom is a smart way to play phom, its main goal is to capture the opponent’s pawns. This is a method often applied when players do not have the ability to create buzzing cards. When you succeed in capturing your opponent’s pawn, you can gain a significant amount of money. However, you also need to be careful to avoid being caught by your opponent and having to pay for the card.

Hope that information about How to play Phom cards and the rules of phom that we have shared here will help you better understand this game and be able to participate in phom games with confidence. Hope you have interesting and fun moments with this subject.

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