New88 Sports: Basic Football Betting Rules for Beginners

Football betting rules – People who are new to betting often lack knowledge about the rules, leading to difficult and humorous situations. For that reason, the article below is from New88 casino will summarize football betting rules for everyone to refer to.
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What is soccer betting?

Betting is simply the act of betting on predicting the outcome of an upcoming or ongoing soccer match using money or other assets. It can also be understood as the unrealized winning or losing odds of money in a sporting event.

Betting activities are often organized on a large scale, with many participants and intermediaries, and at the same time comply with soccer betting rules. This entity sets the terms and focus for receiving and paying benefits to participants based on the content of the contract. All forms of betting are considered gambling acts or gambling organizations and must comply with the law.

Soccer betting is the prediction of betting to predict the outcome of an ongoing, upcoming, or unfinished soccer match, using money or other assets. This phenomenon is widespread and causes much concern in today’s society, due to the serious consequences not only for the participants but also for their families, loved ones, and society as a whole.

Football betting rules and betting odds

Soccer betting rules for handicaps have many specific aspects and characteristics, and players need to clearly understand each type of bet to participate intelligently. Below is a description of two popular handicaps:

Odds 0.25

At odds of 0.25, there are 3 main scenarios:

If the player bets on the upper hand and the upper team wins, the player will receive the entire bet amount. In the opposite case, when the above team fails, the player loses the entire amount bet.

If the player bets on the under and the under team wins, the player will receive the entire bet amount. On the contrary, when the lower team loses, the player loses the entire amount bet.

In case the two teams tie, the upper side will receive half of the bet, and the lower side will lose half of the bet.

Odds ratio 0.5

At this rate, there are only two important scenarios:

If the player bets on the upper hand and the upper team wins, the player will receive the entire bet amount.

If the lower team wins or draws with the upper team, the player betting on the upper will lose the entire bet amount.
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Odds of 1 goal 

The 1-out odds are a type of bet that requires special attention from the player. In case the upper team has real dominance over the lower team, players should consider betting on the upper team. When the upper hand wins with a difference of 1 goal, the player will tie the bet and the house will refund the bet amount. 

If the favorite team leads by more than 1 goal, the player who placed the favorite will win the bet. However, if the underdog wins or draws, the player who bets on the underdog will win, while the player who bet on the overdog will lose.

Soccer betting rules for Vietnamese bettors

For bettors in Vietnam, mastering the rules of soccer betting is very important, any form of betting requires compliance with the rules of the game. Here are some important soccer betting rules:

  • Results are only counted in the first half if the player only bets during this time. The effectiveness of the first round is not affected if the second round is canceled.
  • Player bets will not be accepted if the match is postponed for more than 24 hours. Except in cases of delay less than 24 hours, normal fees will be charged.
  • The bookmaker is responsible for providing information about the match, including the field of play, start time, and format. However, information may change, so regular updates are required.


In short, understanding the rules of the game and maintaining knowledge is the key to participating in betting safely and effectively. New88 casino Hope you have basic knowledge of soccer betting rules. Good luck. 

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