How to Prepare for UPTET and CTET Syllabus?

UPTET and CTET are the examinations conducted to check teaching eligibility. The major difference between these two exams is that the CTET is conducted by CBSE as the national exam and UPTET 2022 is the state-level examination conducted by the Uttar Pradesh government to recruit teachers in the state. In this article, we will be discussing how we can excel in both these exams.Click here for more about free fire unlimited diamonds technical

How to prepare for CTET?

For the preparation of any exam, the syllabus matters the most, so knowing the syllabus plays a vital role in success. Let us now see the Syllabus for CTET 2022.

  • We have a different syllabus for a different paper; paper 1 has a different syllabus and paper 2 has a different syllabus. Thus, the preparation of both papers is very important. Understand all the concepts covered in papers 1 and paper 2 to prepare for the exam. 
  • The syllabus of paper 1 includes topics such as language 1, language 2, Environmental Studies, Math, and Child development. 
  • Paper 2 also has the same syllabus, but it focuses on other subjects as well, including Social Studies and Science; we have options between Science and Math.
  • You can attempt this exam in two languages which are Hindi and English.
  • Almost 20 language options are available; a candidate can choose over only two of them.

CTET Exam Pattern

Success in these types of exams becomes very difficult if you are not aware of the paper pattern. One may face heavy competition as many candidates apply for these exams. It is thus important to check the total number of marks allocated for each question and the number of questions in each section. Let’s go through the paper pattern:

  • In this exam, the total number of questions is 150. Each question carries 1 mark, which means the total marks in this exam are 150. The total time for the exam is 150 minutes, so we get 1 minute for answering 1 question
  • This is an exam that is conducted in online mode.
  • The paper has objective-type questions. The paper is divided into 5 sections. Each section contains 30 questions.
  • Also, there is no negative marking in this exam.

Reading Important Textbook 

Let’s now discuss the books. 

  • It is important to include a particular textbook for a single subject that covers the complete syllabus of the CTET.
  • Include NCERT textbooks for exam preparation because these are the best books for preparation. 
  • You can also refer to the books from the publication as Arihant, Disha, and some other best publishers. They have every content in a sorted format so, understanding becomes easy for the candidates.

How to prepare for UPTET 2022?

UPTET is the most important examination for the people who intend to teach in Uttar Pradesh. The qualifying candidates are offered high salaries and posted under the Uttar Pradesh Govt. Although this is not a very difficult exam, by gaining complete knowledge about UPTET 2022, candidates can score good marks in the exam. 

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Books and Syllabus for UPTET 2022

One must include the best books for preparation to score good marks in the UPTET 2022, It is important to know about the exam syllabus and books that covers the syllabus. Here we have some of the best books you can refer to prepare for this exam. Please Visit here For more idea about Home Appliances

  1. Child Pedagogy and Development is a book from Arihant Publication that can be the best option for child development. 
  2. English Language by Getta Sahni Publication 
  3. Hindi Bhasha by Dimond Power Learning 
  4. Social Studies by Disha Publication
  5. Environmental Studies by Wiley Publication   

These books can help you score good marks in UPTET 2022.

Exam Pattern of UPTET 2022

UPTET also has two sets of paper in it: paper 1 and paper 2. These are offline exams and are carried out using pen and paper. The time limit for both papers is 150 minutes. Although the question level is not too high, the exam has a primary level of questions. 

We have gone across the pattern of the paper and also have discussed the syllabus for the exams. For more details, you can read the articles posted on BYJUS exam prep.

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