How to Play Mau Binh Cards to Win Big for Players

In the game displayed in the lobby JUN 88, How to play Mau Binh card game of interest to many new players. To play the game requires detailed tactical calculation and analysis. Let’s Jun88 Learn about the unique features of this game through the detailed sharing below.

Introducing the game Mau Binh at Jun88

Mau Binh game is considered a popular strategy game at the house Jun88. This is a game that requires carefulness and the application of reasonable techniques to achieve the best results. To win, you need to have reasonable and clever card analysis calculations.

How to play Mau Binh card game There will be 4 participants, one will deal the cards and the other will play the role of the player. The dealer’s task is to divide each person’s 13 cards into 3 separate categories: 5 small cards, 5 medium cards and 3 large cards.

In the game, dealing cards will help each person have the most reasonable arrangement to win. However, not only do you need luck, but you also need experience and technique to stack wisely.

The rules of playing the Mau Binh card game are easy to understand at Jun88

Mau Binh is an intellectual game genre, requiring you to use your intelligence. If you are too bored with regular games of chance, Mau Binh is the perfect choice for you to freely explore and challenge yourself. But first, players need to clearly understand a few basic rules:

  • Mau Binh uses a set of 52 cards and each person will be dealt 13 cards. Thus, the number of members who can play a game together is 4 people.
  • The cards in the game will be dealt in the following order: A. K. Q. J. 10. 9. 8. 7. 6. 5. 4. 3. 2.
  • The rules when arranging Mau Binh are extremely simple: Each person will arrange their cards into 3 branches in the order of first (5 cards), middle (5 cards) & last (3 cards).
  • Usually, the front limb will be the strongest, so as time goes on, the difficulty of the limb will gradually decrease.
  • The strength and weakness of each limb in the game will be arranged in the following order: Clearance box. Four Quarters. Cu Lu. Bin. Lobby. Ms. Gray. Animal. Pair. Mau Thau. Binh Lung.
  • In case the card is Lung Lung, the front hand will be weaker than the middle hand and you will lose all 3 hands. In addition, you will have to pay 2 times the bet amount compared to the penalty initially paid by the player.

Revealing how to play Mau Binh card game to win big at Jun88

In How to play Mau Binh card game, the masters at Jun88 has discovered a great secret to help you win extremely effectively. Let’s take a look at some strategies and tips to use to become the best.

Understand how to play Mau Binh card game and specific rules

The first thing that experts trade soldiers at Jun88 To do so is to carefully study the rules of the game. Understanding the rules, how to arrange cards, and how to compare cards is the basis for forming effective strategies. From there there won’t be any confusion with small details, but they can lead to big changes in the results.

Make your own plans and tactics for the game

Mau Binh is not just about arranging cards, but also about arranging tactics. Experts always have to build their own tricks based on their playing style. From the division, How to play Mau Binh card game, to calculating when faced with different situations.

Be patient and always keep your mind

Patience is an indispensable elementHow to play Mau Binh card game. Experts always think carefully before each game, without being hasty or losing their temper. Perseverance helps you stay calm and avoid going off track in the game.
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Participate in card game tournaments Jun88

 Jun88 Regularly organize tournaments and periodic challenges. Participating in these tournaments will help players demonstrate their talent and learn from the experiences of others. Matches are an opportunity for you to update new strategies and improve your skills How to play Mau Binh card game.

Read your opponent’s psychology and judge how to play Mau Binh cards

Mau binh is not only a battle of wits with cards but also a challenge with opponents. The players will focus on analyzing the opponent’s psychology, card arrangement, playing style, and other small signs. This helps them judge the direction of others and change tactics flexibly.


That’s it Jun88 has guided you back How to play Mau Binh card game detail. Joining this game is not difficult, as long as you master the rules as well as a few basic tricks, you will easily win this game.

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