How do Giovanna Wheels Stack up Against its Rivals? What are Their top 5 Models?

When it comes to luxury aftermarket rims, we usually turn to the likes of Savini, Lexani, Fuel, American Racing, or Moto Metal wheels. All of these are giants in their own right. But not many are aware of Giovanna Wheels, a brand that was set up in 1997 to challenge the status quo and dominate the deluxe rims niche.

Of course, keen market watchers, retail outlets, and fans of high-quality aftermarket rims are quite aware of the company. It kinda set the bar before the US market was deluged by an ever-growing list of brands, and this is exactly how the company describes itself. Click here for more about Classically Abb

Giovanna produces a wide range of rims and is as proficient in cast and forged rims as it is in customized wheels.

The company is based out of California. Its products are always manufactured in the United States.

Is it a good brand?

It is, in fact, a splendid brand!

Giovanna Wheels has 5 fully-owned brands that cater to very different clients. Of these, the most popular are the Koko Kuture, Gianelle Designs, and GFG Forged Wheels. Gianelle Designs, for example, is the brand you should bet on if you are planning to replace the OEM rims of super-luxury cars like Rolls-Royces and Bentleys.

GFG Forged is meant for heavier vehicles and pickup trucks.

When compared to brands in the same niche, Giovanna ranks very high indeed. Some of the advantages of owning Giovanna rims are:

  • A very widespread dealership network that spans all 50 States.
  • Products that are compliant with TUV and JWL standards, making them highly sought-after in Europe too.
  • All wheels are manufactured using aviation-grade 6061-T6 aluminum alloy.
  • All original Giovanna Wheels is tested at various stages for even the minutest defects or deficiencies. The ones you see on the shelves are solidly built and will last several years.
  • Scores very high on style and aesthetics and boast some of the most attractive rims currently available!
  • Giovanna (and its other brands) has an excellent idea of what its clientele wants – and its models are renewed, refurbished, and rebranded each year.
  • Finally, the warranty periods offered are on par with the Titans of the industry!

Sounds good! What are 5 great Giovanna rims?

Here are the top 5 bestsellers that form the bedrock of Giovanna’s market.

  1. Giovanna Haleb Staggered: The Haleb model is available in several sizes but it is the 20-inch variant that sells in record numbers every year. Just weeks ago, an all-new staggered sibling of the Haleb was launched to complement this specific model.

It has 5 spokes, each of which branch into 2 before they kiss the inner lip. The model has most commonly been associated with full-sized sedans and coupes and they look irresistible on almost all Mercedes, BMW, and Porsche cars. Why, the 20-inch Haleb has even been seen adorning a heavily modded Lamborghini too!

  1. Giovanna Dalar-X: This is probably the most attractive family of wheels Giovanna offers. The Dalar-X has a pretty basic 5-spoke design which has been modified extensively till it looks like something straight out of a ‘Mad Max’ movie! This is a cast rim and is available in several sizes. The Dalar-X is a staggered wonder and is ideal for the most premium vehicles.

Of special note is the gloss black Dalar-X that boasts a very handsome machined face. We had recently been to one of the most renowned retail outlets in the United States for advice; that would be AudioCity USA, a 34-year-old rim seller headquartered in Santa Fe Springs – which is also where Giovanna Wheels is based!

Anyway, the professionals at AudioCity USA told us that the gloss black variant is arguably the tentpole model of this family. Giovanna also throws in a lot of bells and whistles to justify the price tag which tends to be on the higher side.

On another note, if you are planning to procure a set of Giovanna rims, you might as well head over to this retailer. They’re offering discounts up of to 30%!

  1. Giovanna Dramuno-6: The 22-inch Dramuno-6 is the company’s answer to Fuel and Enkei. It is wonderfully finished and has an extraordinarily high load and speed rating. The Dramuno-6 is ideal for high-end SUVs and the latest pickups like the F-150 Raptor.

Of all the finishes, perhaps the silver machined variant is the one you must have a look at. It is minimalism at its best, but with exceptional capabilities!

  1. Giovanna Bogota Staggered: From Alfa Romeos to Chevy coupes (like the Camaro) and from Tesla Model 3 to the biggest Range Rovers, the Bogota has been seen on almost every high-flying passenger car. This is another staggered model that is manufactured using A356 aluminum alloy, making them extremely resistant to corrosion and yet surprisingly lightweight that can take on the trickiest terrain with relative ease.

The Bogota staggered rim is also a very popular choice for SUVs. Plus, these Giovanni Wheels can be customized to an extent as well.

  1. Koko Kuture Kapan: This is the flagship model of Koko Kuture, the sub-brand of Giovanna. And it is a stunner! Surprisingly lightweight, these 10-spoked rims are extremely popular in the elite community of people who own the latest Rolls-Royces, Ferraris, Lexus, Mercedes and BMWs. The Kapan is one of the best-looking rims currently available.

Its staggered nature makes the KK Kapan even more desirable.

Before we go

Buy Giovanna Wheels only from reliable and reputed retailers only! The market’s literally flooded with fakes that look every bit as original as the real rims. Be wary!

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